Firming Anti-Aging Exercises

Posted: September 5, 2016

Exercise is supposed to make us look and feel younger right?! Then why is it that most people don’t even know which exercises age you faster? Unfortunately ¬†women are the ones that complain the most about aging, and age related weight gain, but are still following outdated methods, instead of doing firming anti-aging exercises.

There are exercises that will make your body look and feel more youthful and there are exercises that will make you stay flabby. Let’s think about what women do that doesn’t work, and then let’s decide to do firming anti-aging exercises from here on out!

Ever see a flabby guy on the treadmill on the gym for hours? Me neither. Ever see a flabby tired guy looking old as he eats a lean cuisine or turn down a steak? Nope. Me neither.

I have been coaching women for over 20+ years into stopping the lifestyles that keep them flabby, exhausted and old and to discover the exercises (a few minutes daily) and the foods (superfoods that make your mouth water) that keep them sexy, energized and firm.

If I could have one wish it would be to abolish cardio only as means of anti-aging, and diet foods, fake sugars and starvation as means of getting lean, firm and fit as women age. STOP IT GIRLS!

What you are doing is creating more hormonal imbalances inside of your body that you will ever know about. Well, let me take that back…you WILL know when you look older than you are, and feel older than you want to.

Do you know that studies show us now that hours of cardio can actually create damage to your thyroid AND your metabolic system…preventing weight loss, preventing energy and promoting fat storage?

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