Anti-aging for the Woman over 40

Posted: October 16, 2016

Aging. Yup, we all are doing it. Some better than others, some, not so much. Anti-aging for the woman over 40? NOW, that’s the hottest topic around. Know how I know? Because I am over 50! AND, I am a sought after female that has answers on how to age proof your body so that you get stronger instead of weaker, and leaner instead of flabbier.

I used to be a cardio junkie that was tired, crabby, flabby and starving. I think I actually felt and looked older then, than I do now. I was in this vicious circle of how to lose weight, how to eat less, and how to look better…but all that obsession did was make me look and feel like crap, Can you relate?

If you are a woman over 40, or even close to 40, then you most likely are in the battle too.

I recently did a guest speaking engagement on Female Brain Power. The interesting thing is that every question women asked was about how to have more energy and less body fat and hormonal issues. And, guess what?
All of that relates to anti-aging, exercise and nutrition…and they all go along with how focused you will be as you age.

If you have been dieting, and running or doing cardio or Zumba or yoga for weight loss, you need more.

Anti-aging for the woman over 40 MUST have two components. 

  1. A program that builds lean muscle tissue in short workouts so that you don’t upset adrenals.
  2. A nutrient program that doesn’t rely on portions of calorie counting, but energizing superfoods that burn fat, keep you feeling great and looking youthful.

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Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health in a sexy and vibrant body,

Coach Dawn

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