Posted: September 20, 2012

Hello friends!

I never go a single day without thanking my parents for raising me to be strong, and to fight against aging. I truly feel badly for people that came from families that still feel that optimal health is something beyond their control. We have so much control over our bodies and our health, that Dr. Joel Fuhrman says that Obesity is the one disease that there is a cure for. We are so nutrient deprived, and so Hell bent on fad diets, and quick fixes that we forget what our bodies were meant to do. Take us into old age with vitality, and strength, adventure and optimism. Aging with strength is a choice. It is a choice that I have made, and have spent over 15 years trying to preach by example to fellow family members, friends, and clients. I love sharing my knowledge and optimism with others.

**To learn more about how to get stronger, how to get off the diet roller -coaster and  practice sound eating habits , please scroll down and read previous posts.

Below are just a few statistics from one of my text books that might astound you.

Inactivity and poor dietary practices cause at least 300,000 deaths each year.

More than 60% of adults DO NOT engage in daily physical activity.

Inactive adults have a greater risk of dying from heart disease,  developing diabetes, colon cancer and high blood pressure.

Every one of these is preventable. I have stated before, that we now know that we have the ability to “trick” our genes. What that means is that even if every one of your past family members died of a heart attack, or had high blood pressure, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO.
You can choose a life of health.
You can choose a life of strength.

Choose anti-aging.
Get stronger so that you may live longer.
Life gives us many choices at many times. This one really matters. It matters to your spouse, it matters to your family, and it should definitely matter to you!

Helping you to achieve optimal health, for lifelong vitality!

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