Balance Thyroid Hormones and Lose Weight

Posted: January 5, 2020

Women are five to eight times more likely to have a thyroid disorder than men. In order to feel good and look great, we must balance thyroid hormones and lose weight.

I know. That seems like something only your doctor can do. Your thyroid is part of YOUR body. Controlling symptoms does not have to be overwhelming anymore!

Diets and too much exercise is a sure way to experience more fatigue.

Cutting too many calories is a way to cause binging and a slower production of thyroid hormones. As women, we are battling hormones from puberty until the day we die.  I learned how to balance my thyroid hormones and lose weight without making all of the mistakes that I used to.

My mother was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when she was 40. When she asked if there was anything she could do to relieve symptoms…the doctor said yes.

She was told to “take this pill” for the rest of your life.

Years later she was massively overcome by fatigue. What followed next was hair loss, weight gain, digestive issues and chronic sadness.

What was happening to her?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the 15+ years of research behind me that I do now. I would have stepped in and gave her questions to ask her doctor. I’d also have gone with her to the endless appointments to get answers.

Now, I am the “go-to-girl” when it comes to thyroid issues.

When I was diagnosed, (and that took years too!) I was prepared.

My questions were so interesting and to the point that after spending thousands out of pocket, my doctor took my notes!

That was when I knew that I was on to something that women needed.

The Thyroid Factor was created out of passion to help women that needed to know what to do next.

Some of you may have been diagnosed with hypothroidism.

Many of you want to balance thyroid hormones and lose weight. I did!

With my BLUEPRINT TO YOUR THYROID QUESIONS, you’ll feel in control.

Be sure to click the blue links to see my whole story!

I promise you that there are many things that you can do to ease symptoms and take your life back!

Coach Dawn

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