Beach Workout

Posted: July 8, 2012

Looking for a great way to burn fat, build muscle, and torch calories??  Do a beach workout. A beach workout will be fun, exhilarating, and get you in tune with your body. If you work out in a bikini, you really know where your trouble spots are!  Just spent a week up north. Took an 18lb Kettlebell with me. My husband usually works out on the beach, so why watch when you can join in right? I am not a spectator, I usually wish that I was the one doing the workout when I am watching someone on TV, in person, or in a video, so, no way was I sitting this one out!

I started out with a light jog down the beach and back. If you ever have ran in sand, you know it is a completely different animal than on a treadmill, or pavement. Sand kicks your ass, and does it quickly!
After a slight mobility warm up, I did a quick, efficient Kettlebell workout.

20 Swings
10 single arm swings, each side
20 goblet squats
20 overhead swings
10 bent over rows, each side
repeat 3 times.

Doesn’t take long.
Does the trick.
Dive in lake for cooldown!!

Best way to love nature, and your body at the same time!!

Keep tuned in for great ways to keep in shape! Kettlebells are a great tool to take on the road, and can be used almost anywhere you have room to swing!

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Enjoy Summer!!


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