Beat Fatigue with these Tips

Posted: December 21, 2015

This is the time of year when we make plans to be fitter, better, calmer, and leaner.  What we really need is energy! I’ll help you beat fatigue with these tips and reboot energy levels fast.

On New Year’s Eve, we once again promise that we’ll eat a healthy diet. We say this over and over so that we can look and feel better than last year, but fail. I urge people to beat fatuigue with these tips.

Personally, I don’t make resolutions. I also don’t beat myself up if I have a “cheat” meal, or miss a workout. Having a healthy relationship with food is more important than a named trendy diet.

I understand how a woman’s body works, and why sometimes it doesn’t. This discussion always begins with women asking me what diet do I follow!

Most women that come to me for either nutrition consulting, personal training and group class. Some just hear of me and e-mail me…all want the same thing.

To feel youthful and energized. Sexy and fit. They are tired of feeling AND looking exhausted all of the time. So here’s a start to 2020 to Beat Fatigue with These Tips.

I eat using a very simple method that works for women over 35 and well into their later years. A plan that keeps you energized, while balancing your hormones and gets rid of extra pounds using a  “nutrient timing” plan.

I have set up women on this plan for years and they say they never have felt so much energy as early as the first week! 

This is NOT about counting calories or hours of exercise! No-one has time for that!

You’ll get a meal plan, follow along video  workouts, a grocery list, and more…and be able to beat fatigue with these tips for life.   What I’ve created is a digital plan that women all over the world now can have access to. 

Today is the day to reboot energy levels and feel your youth come back before you get to February 1st!

Discover how you can get back that youthful energy and sexy body without following strict calorie cutting diets, or doing tons of exercise when you 


It’s time for YOU to take back your hormones and rejuvenate your body starting today.

Sharing what works so that we can feel beautiful, inside and out!


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