Belly Fat Reduction Plan

Posted: January 2, 2017

Belly Fat. UGH! I guarantee if you are over 40, then you have a little more of this nuisance than you’d like, right? So, what have you done in the past to get rid of it? Dieted and starved? Exercised and done tons of cardio? Well? What did that get you? A moment of weight loss and there it is again right? Below is a couple of tips on a Belly Fat Reduction Plan. Below is the link if you want to lose extreme amounts of fat, quickly.

First, let’s talk a bit about types of fat.

There is the layer of fat right below your skin that is harmless, but looks awful and makes your clothes fit too tight. That is called subcutaneous fat.

Then, there is the health threatening fat that surrounds your organs that leads to obesity related disease and disorders like diabetes, heart disease and chronic issues associated with inflammation. That fat is called visceral fat.

Here are 2 proven steps to getting rid of both types of fat so that you can not only look better, but to feel better as well as you embark on your belly fat reduction plan.

  1. Add more fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits to your diet.

These foods are nutrient dense. They will fill you up and make you less apt to feel hungry. They are plant  based so they are loaded with the type of fiber that will help to shuttle fat right out of your body, instead of keeping it around your belly.

2. Add lean muscle tissue to your body.

The only metabolically active tissue on your body is muscle. That means simply, the more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolic furnace burns calories. That also means that if you add muscle to your frame with a few exercises daily…you will have a body that burns calories instead of stores them at ANY age.

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You deserve a slimmer waistline!

Coach Dawn

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