Benefits of Adding Muscle for Women

Posted: September 10, 2018

For over 25 years, I have lifted weights and coached women to do the same. Why? Because the benefits of adding muscle for women are imperative as we age.

If you are one of the many women that I have encountered over the years that just doesn’t seem to think it’s “for them”, then let me give you reasons why you must strength train.

Let me also give you reasons that if you do not engage in functional strength training, you could be headed for a very weak and sad future.

Here is my list of the top 5 reasons to add muscle if you are female.

  1. As we age, we lose muscle. Approximately 5% per decade after 40, and after 70? Around more than 10% per year. This is due to sedentary lives, and lifestyles of sitting too much.  This is when the weight starts to accumulate.

Now fat does not replace muscle and visa versa. They are two entirely different types of tissue. Fat just sits there making it hard to move around and looks awful. And visceral fat? That is the type that surrounds organs and leads to disease.

2. Adding muscle creates a body that is firmer. Leaner looking, More balanced and stronger. Confident and upright.

A woman that lifts weights is less apt to fall. Less apt to need to count calories or follow strict diets. Less apt to have bone loss.

3. Strength trained women can do everyday tasks without injury or even asking for help. From carrying groceries up the stairs to getting a case of water out of the trunk. A woman that knows how to use her body to lift objects is less apt to get hurt doing everyday tasks.

4. Lean muscles on women look sexy!

What looks better? A skinny woman that is weak and flabby? Or, a lean woman with defined curves? Firm bodies look youthful and act younger!

5. BIgger muscles burn more calories even while at rest.

I’m not talking about bulky huge manly muscles. I mean the tight and firm sexy ones that make you look fit.

Want to defy aging and get stronger, leaner and more confident?


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