Benefits of Bootcamp Style Workouts

Posted: August 20, 2013

If the idea of the words bootcamp scare you, read on. While most people that I know actually belong to a gym, they are not seeing results in strength or endurance. Even the people that are motivated enough to go to the gym and are changing their eating habits wonder why they can’t seem to get stronger or go longer.  Not only do I own a gym with my husband, I also belong to a neighborhood gym. I am amazed at how much time people waste in the gym. Not only are they there when I come in, and there when I leave, but they are doing moves that will never make their body change. Sitting on a machine, or using 5lb dumbbells will never change or challenge your body enough to make your body look, feel, or act differently. If you have the motivation to actually go to the gym, don’t you want to see results?

Bootcamp style classes are exactly for that reason. Getting results. Pushing yourself hard in a class based environment with like minded individuals. Using your own body, or a series of movements with things like kettlebells, sandbags, and sleds that create functional strength. Using your body to push, pull, lift, throw, twist, reach and move objects that put a challenge on your muscles, creating a stronger, leaner, and fitter body. Pushing yourself harder than if you were on your own. Making every minute of one hour count.

It’s kind of interesting to watch. People that think that they cannot perform a certain exercise get a little extra pump when a group is around. They seem to try harder, put more effort into it, and usually succeed. Groups are everywhere these days when it comes to training. From Crossfit to Tough Mudders, to Warrior Dash’s there is obviously something to be said for a group mentality. It works. It is empowering, it creates camaraderie, and it gives back to you, what you put into it. As long as you have a good leader that coaches you when your form is off, or motivates you to keep on going, groups as in bootcamps are here to stay.

Look into local gyms, or look on line for bootcamp style classes. Get stronger, gain more confidence and endurance, but most of all, have fun while your body changes.

If you live in the Troy, Michigan are, check out our website for class hours and rates. Men, women, athletes and newbies are all welcome.

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