Benefits of Protein Powder

Posted: November 6, 2020

A healthy diet should keep you stronger, more energized, ward off disease and above all…make you feel great! Of course we want to be vital and look good at all ages too. In today’s post, I will cover the Benefits of Protein Powder and help you understand why it could be a game-changer to your health!

Protein is the building block of all tissues.

As we age, we lose muscle at a rapid rate. Especially as we become more sedentary, working from home with less activity.

Powdered protein is much more easily digested and a preferred source of this key nutrient in all healthy and strong, youthful and vital people!

When we are lacking protein, we get weaker, have poor posture, less brain power, and wither away.

Most people are missing the key amino acids that prevent your muscles from wasting due to low protein diets. Leucine is one of the missing links especially for women that contribute to a weaker body that looks aged.

Aging happens. But how we age is what matters!


I own a gym and have coached women to stop cutting calories and to start ADDING in protein, healthy fats and of course…more veggies!

Eating enough protein is hard. You’d have to be constantly cooking and eating chicken, eggs, meat and beans. Those are the best sources, but most healthy and active people supplement with Protein Powder.

Of course, we see hundreds of protein powders in ads and in health food stores. And just like anything…all are NOT created equal.

You want a protein powder that is free of hormones. Being low carb, non GMO, and coming from grass fed cows is essential.

A whey based protein powder is the best option to build lean muscle tissue, ward off hunger, and to prevent muscle sparing.

It’s also the best way to take in nutrients that don’t have to be digested in a simple to drink smoothie, or just mixed with water!

When I coach the people in our gym, I tell them that recovery is key to working out, injury prevention, healing and staying lean.

Taking in approximately 1 gram of protein for each pound of lean bodyweight is a good number to reach.

Our bodies are failing and moving, feeling and looking older than our years due to toxins, poor food choices and sedentary lives.

One of the best things you can do is take advantage of the Benefits of Protein Powder so that you can live long and strong in a body that takes you through life!

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