What’s the best diet to lose weight after 40?

Posted: March 19, 2019

Losing weight after 40 seems like a task that most people never had to think about. I get asked regularly. “What’s the best diet to lose weight after 40?” I always give the same answer.

What are your days filled with? Are you a roofer, a concrete worker or do you sit at a desk? Do you take stairs and get your heart rate up regularly? Or, do you huff and puff by doing a load of laundry?

These are just a few things to ask when choosing how to lose weight, and keep it off.

First of all, ask yourself. “What is my relationship with food?” Then, decide if you have the mindset to change? Secondly, what are you able to do that you can sustain for life? Don’t think of weight loss for a week or two. Think of what you can do to live a better, happier life in a body you love!

I have a line that I tell my clients, “you can’t change your body or your life, until you change your mind.” And I have seen people stuck in ruts because they have a hard time with facts, and keep trying what doesn’t work.

If you think you need to exercise more and eat less, that could be what’s holding you back. Maybe your body is too tired to workout, and you’re not eating enough.
In our gym we have had many women finally drop inches and feel great by adding in more protein, more fiber and actually more meals. Cutting meals works for some, but not for all.

If you have thyroid issues, or hormonal issues, cutting out too many food groups and too many calories may make you obsess about food. If you are over 40, then the “over 40 diet’ may be not what yo think.

Instead of “what’s the best diet to lose weight after 40?” You should ask what is the most energizing way of eating to keep weight off and energy levels high.

You should also plan on getting hormones checked right around your mid 40’s so you have a baseline of how your body changes. And yes. Food, and lifestyle can cause hormones to change if you aren’t supporting your body with enough food, and enough sleep. Sometime supplements are a great resource when you feel you’ve tried everything. Click here for an ancient herb that helps to reduce belly fat!

For great tips, and tools on how to exercise, what supplements and nutrition to take, how to change your mind so your body follows and how to ward off accelerated aging…

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