Best foods to eat for women over 40

Posted: September 19, 2022

Women usually talk about cutting calories, how much weight they’ve gained, and that they are trying to lose it. If you could shift your thoughts to what your body is missing, you may find the key. I’m going to give you the best foods to eat for women over 40. Then, I’ll tell you what your body needs to boost your metabolism so you never have to diet again.

I’m Dawn Sylvester, women’s coach, strength training lover, and diet and cardio hater.

Well, I shouldn’t say that I hate cardio, because I love to sweat. It feels good to have my heart rate up, and I love to breathe hard. But, not on a treadmill, and not to burn calories.

I know that may seem hard to understand if you’ve spent decades with that little wrist tracker. Or, if you’ve starved yourself to moodiness, only to gain weight and feel miserable.

Me too. What most women can agree on is this. If you are over 40, let alone over 50 or 60 as I am…you’ve got other issues to blame for your weight gain.

Possibly you’re over 40 and have lost energy, but gained weight. Most likely, you’re missing these nutrients:

The best foods to eat for women over 40 are, protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Those come from whole eggs, tuna, fish, bison, beef, turkey, and beans. In addition to, avocados, berries, mixed greens, and sweet potatoes. The healthy fats are also from avocados and nuts, seeds, olive oils, and avocado oils.

What if you could shift your hormones, and moods, and firm up fast without dieting, or cutting out tons of calories? And, what if you could do short exercise sessions, and eat more…and then have a body that looked younger than you did a decade ago?
You can.

The fact is that after 20 years of coaching women on how to lose weight, women are missing two critical things.

Muscle mass, and protein.

When you add in these two powerful combos you’ll see your weight shift, and your body look more youthful!

As we age, we lose muscle and get flabbier if we are sedentary. Many of you say you don’t have time to exercise. While many of you say you are too tired, as you sit down to a salad and diet soda.

Bigger muscles burn more calories and need more calories to stay firm. Can you imagine a diet where you only have to eat delicious superfoods and a workout program that takes 7 minutes daily?

Here is your ticket to a firmer, more youthful body that defies aging!

As a women’s coach in the field for over 30 years, I’m here to help you look and feel amazing at every decade.

Click on this link to shift your body back to youth!
Coach Dawn

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