Best health tips for women over 40

Posted: May 9, 2023

Once you get near your 40’s, everything seems to get harder. What you used to do, doesn’t work, and your body seems to be aging rapidly. As a female coach and gym owner, I’ve seen and made the same mistakes. Add your email address here, and get the best health tips for women over 40, for free.

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I am part of a private group of wellness coaches, and we share everything from summits on preventing cancer, to skincare tips and potions. Anti-aging is not just about getting the right creams! (although that helps ;)) Slowing the aging process is a combination of knowing how to stay strong, with great posture, foods that energize, and supplements geared toward longevity.

The mistakes I see often in our gym, are not enough calories and only doing cardio. This combo can slow down your metabolism and rid your body of energy. Not to mention, make you feel like you’re failing when it is NOT your fault. Let me help you look and feel better, soon!

If you want a stronger, fitter, leaner body, and want to look, move and feel years (maybe decades) younger? Then I urge you to add your email address above and get started with the instant download.

Because no woman ever regretted getting fitter, or feeling better! Grab your report, and get access today to the best health tips for women over 40, NOW!

Here for you with years of experience – that works!
Coach Dawn

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