Best move for flabby arms

Posted: July 11, 2021

What is worse? The flab that hangs under the back of your arms? Or…your kids or grandkids naming them “bat wings” or, “flappers?” Both are horrible right? The best move for flabby arms is not doing more cardio!

After coaching women for 20+ years, it seems that after 40, many women start to hate their arms in a sleeveless top. Dieting and walking are not what you need to change the shape of ANY muscle.

Before we talk about how you can tone and reshape any bodypart, let’s clear up a few facts.

1. Doing cardio as in walking, and running will NEVER make your body tighter, firmer, or stronger.

2. In order to make a body have “tone” you need to create or build a muscle.

3. Muscles take up less room than fat.

4. Fat and muscle are two entirely separate tissues.

5. In order to show any tone…you have to build muscle. OH WAIT.

That is exactly what I said in number #2.
Why did I say it twice? Because women still think that dieting and cardio will create sculpted, and toned..firm and sexy body parts.
A firm and fit body that defies aging is one that uses strength training, and weights or bodyweight to look lean and youthful.
Here is the tried and true way to get toned arms, front and back, while creating a stronger body that takes you through life.

I know…you can’t do a single push-up. Possibly you can, but only on your knees. Or, at least you think you cannot do one. All negative thoughts and none of those matter now. What matters is that you CAN coach your body to get stronger.  

From here on out, I am going to help you, and …you are not going to do them on your knees.
That will waste time, and never have you strengthening the other parts that are assisting you in your pressing power. And that is your core and your rear end.
Here is a great way to get stronger and begin to teach your body to do a push-up!
Find a place that your legs are out behind you and your hands are solidly placed at an angle…say, on a kitchen cupboard, or a bench that is stable.
MIMIC a push-up by lowering your body towards the counter/bench/ or cupboard by bending your arms and keeping your elbows close to your body as you get your chest as close to the object as possible.
Then push your body away from the object as if you are mimicking a push-up.

Keep body tight as if in a plank. Push the ground away from you with tight glutes and belly pulled in.

* Note- IF you can do push-ups, then be sure that you are trying to keep the body lowered in one movement. As you lower in a plank position, keep your buns tight, and act as if you are pushing the ground away from you.
Do this as you push your way back to the starting position.
This gives you more power as you engage the entire core.
Men have more muscle in their upper bodies and this is why they have an easier time with this move.

However, it does not mean that you, my female friends, cannot get stronger and create more shapely, and lean arms.
It just may be a little harder to accomplish than your male counterpart.

Just like anything, they will get easier as you keep on pushing your body to execute this move!
Flabby arms come from sedentary lives and not doing the right moves to reshape your body.
Here is perfect form as this girl lowers her body “as one” to the ground.
Keep practicing and you WILL see a difference. I promise!

For a follow-along video program that I created for women, that will reshape your body at home in less than 10 minutes per day, CLICK HERE!

The best move for flabby arms is always going to be one that challenges the muscles. And, the best moves to slim down and firm up, will be found when you see how I still rock a bikini at 61, and don’t starve or live on a treadmill!


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Coach Dawn

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