Best Sources of Protein

Posted: August 25, 2018

In order to stay strong and retain muscle as we age, we need protein. Whether it be meat or non-meat, we need to know the best sources of protein so that we can repair, rebuild and replenish this precious tissue.

Muscle is made of fibers. It is metabolically active tissue. The more muscle we have on our body, the faster our metabolic rate will be. This is great for those trying to keep weight off.

When we exercise, we create small tears known as microtrauma in our muscles. For these tears to rebuild and repair, we need protein. Protein can be found in sources other than animal products.

Simple movement patterns that create lean muscles in a follow along workout format can be found in the videos I created >>>>HERE.

Be sure to eat approximately 1 gram of protein for each lean pound of bodyweight. If you are an athlete or very active, or trying to build larger muscles, you need more.

Below is a list of great choices of protein. Be sure to mix up your protein sources so that you don’t get bored and that you feed your body the nutrients it needs.

Grass fed Beef/Poultry/Turkey/Shrimp/Fish/Scallops/Bison/Pork

Eggs/Greek Yogurt/Cottage Cheese

Chia Seeds/Hemp Seeds/Pumpkin Seeds/Sunflower Seeds

When you feed your body nutrient dense foods, you will be more apt to fight off disease and age-related muscle loss. Sarcopenia is the medical term for this. Plan on adding muscle to your body with exercise, then eat the right proteins to rebuild muscle.

The best sources of protein will keep you full and prevent binging while keeping your body strong and youthful as you age!

Exercise to ward off flab, and build muscle so you don’t ever need to count a calorie! For more tips on how to age with strength while warding off disease with stellar nutrition, enter your email above to get access to my FREE Report sent to you weekly!

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