Posted: March 29, 2016

Best Workout Ever Period? Readers always ask me, “Dawn, if you were 5 to 25 pounds overweight and out of shape after a busy holiday season, what would you do?”


The answer is that I would sneak out to my gym three times per week and do short, 30-minute fat burning metabolic workouts.
Why those instead of hitting the treadmill? Three BIG reasons why…
#1 – Get FASTER Results
In less time than it takes to drive to the gym, find a parking spot, and fight the busy New Year’s crowd for a piece of cardio equipment, you can stay home and burn fat in the comfort of your living room, all while getting better results. Research shows that it takes 50 hours of cardio to lose one pound, but when you use the Best Workouts Ever, you’ll lose 2-3 pounds per WEEK.


NOTE: These workouts are on sale this week only to help you get back in shape fast…because I know you don’t have the time to stay miserable or stuffing yourself into tight clothes. That’s NOT the way to start a new year.
#2 – Save BIG bucks
You don’t need an expensive gym membership or giant piece of cardio equipment to lose fat and get back in shape. So save your money and stay home to burn fat. You can even do these workouts when you are traveling.


#3 – Exercise Less & Save More Time


You don’t need no stinking long cardio sessions to lose weight. You’ll get BETTER results in less than half the time when you use these home workouts. Plus, you’ll DOUBLE your calorie burning thanks to the workout Afterburn (you do NOT get Afterburn with slow cardio). Afterburn only happens when your workouts use Turbulence.


That’s what makes these workouts the BEST workouts. Period. There’s no comparison. Well, except BETWEEN the workout videos you get here:



Each one comes in follow-along, online video format and is part of a proven 16-week program.
Plus, when you’ve lost all the weight that you want to lose, you can do these just TWICE per week to maintain that weight loss and continue to increase your fitness. That’s just an hour of exercise per week to look super sexy, keep a flat stomach, and stay in great shape year-round.


Get the Best Workout Ever here <= with follow-along videos
Each workout gives you expert instruction on form (from my incredible friend, Craig Ballantyne and two of his Certified Turbulence Trainers). Enjoy. Let me know which is your favorite.
These are the best workouts for advanced fat burning,
Your friend and coach,
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