Best workouts for women over 40

Posted: September 22, 2022

It’s hard to trust what you read online anymore. Most articles are the opinions of people that have no knowledge of the body, or have any credentials in giving advice. The best workouts for women over 40, are going to be given by someone that IS over 40. Not only that, this advice should come from an expert in the field.

My name is Dawn Sylvester. I have coached women only, for 30 years. After battling my own weight and thyroid issues in my 20s, I transformed my body. Now, I wear a bikini at 60+, and am stronger and leaner than I have been in years.

Most women make the same mistakes for life. You know, diet and do cardio…and lose a few pounds on a miserable diet. What happens next? Nearly every woman gains it all back, and more.

The only way to ditch the rolls, and to firm up and keep the weight off is with a shift in how you look at food and exercise.

Eat for energy, and lift or use resistance training to create lean muscle tissue. Bigger muscles burn more calories. Put down those two, and three-pound weights. Lift weights safely, that are challenging. When you eat to build and keep muscle, and stop cutting calories, you’ll firm up faster!

If you are new to exercise, or don’t have time, or are afraid of weights. CLICK HERE FOR MY FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT VIDEOS THAT ARE THE BEST WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN OVER 40.

Your body needs to be stimulated to build new muscle tissue so that your metabolic rate works faster. Instead of storing fat, you’ll burn fat.

As a gym owner, and women’s coach for 30 + years, I have seen what works. What doesn’t work is also more prominent, so please stop cutting out calories, and burning off muscle with cardio alone.

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I’m here for you, and want to see all of the women over 40, looking vital, youthful and sexy again!

Coach Dawn

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