Bloated, Tired, Body Holding onto Fat…Not Sleeping Well?

Posted: October 5, 2013

If you can answer “yes” to any one of these, then you need to detoxify your sluggish system. No, I don’t mean to do a cleanse, or a fast, but to REALLY add in some beneficial foods, and to get rid of the toxic ones. Not necessarily overnight or even in a week, but on a regular basis. Yes, of course the sooner you implement a plan like this, you will begin to feel results, but seeing is believing as well. Forget fad diets and trends, and add in some good old fashioned nature made foods. The foods that make your body purge itself of what you have been dumping into it. Even for all of you that think you eat a pretty clean diet, this is a whole different approach. A realistic one that you might be forgetting. A realistic approach that is doable, and has options. 

 I will give you some steps. I will give you some lists of what to avoid, and what to add. The rest is up to you. If you start to follow this plan and REALLY ditch the bad stuff, you will be amazed at how energized and slimming a plan like this can be. Start adding in more and more of the good stuff, and a fit body that sleeps well at night and is revved up tin the am is what you will so see.

The first 5 are meant to be for at least one week. If you can keep up all 5 regularly, you will enjoy amazing health benefits!

1. Drink one glass of warm water each morning upon rising with the juice of one fresh lemon.
This gets your digestive system energized and alkalized. Continue to drink pure water all through the day. Do not drink water during meals, as this slows the digestive system. 
2. Eliminate for the first week, all dairy and wheat.
These 2 things are the biggest culprit in digestive issues, and bloating.
3. Eliminate all sodas, caffeine and carbonated drinks.
Again, bloating, and gassiness. Caffeine creates the dependency for more caffeine.
4. No red meat (not even grass fed) for one week.
Red meat is too taxing to the digestive system. The idea is to give your body a break. Red meat keeps the body in an acidic state that. Disease thrives on an acidic state. We want our energy spent doing a clean out so to speak, not too busy digesting one food source.
5. No alcohol. Period.
Alcohol is one main culprit that may keep you from loosing belly fat. Give your liver the chance to detoxify and heal your body.
6. Sugar. Sugar only makes your body crave more sugar as it raises your blood sugar levels. The minute your body processes them, you start the craving all over again. Stay away from anything that is not fruit.
The plan is to add the foods listed below as often as possible. These foods have amazing healing, and detoxifying properties to every system from your skin to your heart to your moods.
The second list is to get rid of the foods that make your systems work overtime. Omit as often as possible the foods in the toxic list.  
Dandelion Greens
Green Cabbage
Seeds as in Flax, Hemp, Chia, Pumpkin, and Sunflower
Raw Nuts
If you must have a form of “milk”, use hemp, rice, almond, or coconut milk products. Cow’s milk is another thing that taxes ours systems.
After the initial week, gradually add in Greek Yogurt

Red Meat
Sugar  Keep your sweet tooth to fruits only.
Coffee and Energy Drinks
Artificial Sweeteners
Dairy and Cheeses 
Packaged foods
Red Meat (Red meat can be introduced once in a while if grass fed/pasture raised)
White Bread, Pasta, and Rice
This is a list that the more you add of the good list, the better you will feel. The more you eliminate from the second list, the better you will feel, and look.
This is not a diet. The first week is just a kick start to a plan of getting on the right track. 
This can be added to as far as fruits, veggies and lean proteins.  
When you keep your body detoxified where your liver and kidneys are not overly taxed, then you will feel energized, and start to look amazing as well.
Keep it simple. Try to keep it as raw as possible, with as many new fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. 
Juicing is an excellent option to add in veggies and fruits as your body does not need to digest them, as they are absorbed immediately.
In health and strength!
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