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Posted: November 13, 2016

If you are a woman over 40, chances are you are not as firm and lean as you used to be. Most likely, you are either too tired to work out, or do go to a gym and do only cardio. What you need is a body sculpting program that is designed for women, and made by a woman.

Not just any woman, but a woman that used to diet and cardio with every extra pound that the scale showed. Unfortunately, most women are “slaves” to the scale. We claim victory with 2-3 pounds lost, but don’t have a clue when the number goes up again. Not only are we mislead by what we are told to do…we are repeating the actual behaviors that keep us from having an energized and toned, firm and fit body that we desire.

I have been in the “transformation” and anti-aging space for over 20 years. Not only did I transform my own body, but I have helped thousands of women shift not only the way they look and feel, but how they think of dieting and weight loss for life.

Fit woman measuring  her waist - isolated over a white background

I am a gym owner and coach of women only. Why women only? Because although I co-own a gym with my husband, I “cater” to the needs of the women in our gym, and on line. My body sculpting program has shaped women not only so that they can wear a shirt tucked in…but so that they can feel stronger, have better confidence and look forward to aging. What? Look forward to aging? Yep, you heard that right.

If you want to reboot your metabolic rate. Sculpt lean muscle tissue in the comfort of your own home (who has time for driving to the gym?) and wishes you could just have some energy…I understand.

Forget hormones, Forget age.

YOU are exactly who I created this plan for.

YOU are the woman that will send me an email, and thank me.

YOU are only one click away from more energy, more drive, and less time wasted on what doesn’t work and doesn’t last.

Take a peek at my SECRET when you click on the blue link below.


Coach Dawn

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