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Posted: May 2, 2012

I was listening to the Doctors show on XM Radio today. I found it very interesting that one of the callers questions was “Is there one book that I can buy that has the best way to eat”?…..Really, One book? Of course I understand that she is overwhelmed. We all are. (At least most of us). If you found one book this week, then next week, the information is proven wrong, or told that it was not true. So, instead of just forgetting all about it what do I advise? I advise first……Read this site. (ha ha surprised?)
Not really kidding, since I take the top information, from the top sources, and compile it in easy to follow steps, for you. I spend every minute of my reading time looking for ways to get stronger, live longer, get and stay fit, keep your hormones regulated, and how to eat for vitality, and fight disease. I search out the top researches in the field. The top holistic, the top sports, and exercise scientists, the top trainers, and the top medical doctors at  
everyplace from research hospitals, to holistic cancer centers, to the top exercise science labs. That is where I get my information. I like doing the leg work.( pun intended). I love to share it, because I understand that there is so much of it, that people are overwhelmed, or at least don’t “speak the language”. I try as I said earlier, to make it easy you to understand. The how, the why, and the when. I try to make it something that you start to care about as you should, and something that you start to implement in your life.

I also list where I get most of my favorite tips!

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Here are some of my favorite books, and magazines that you can get from my amazon store!

The Eat Clean Diet……by Tosca Reno
The Eat Clean Diet Recharged …by Tosca Reno
Oxygen Magazine
Fitness RX Magazine
The New Rules of Lifting for Women by Alwyn Cosgrove
Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman

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Turbulence Training……no equipment needed……..just the drive to make your body change!!

Hope this helps,
That is my goal, to share the top info with you!

Stay tuned for more ways to be your healthiest, and your fittest!


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