How to Boost Health with Walking

Posted: April 5, 2020

Keeping your body moving is imperative. It’s never been more important, to keep our body strong with the Covid-19 virus amongst us. Getting outside in fresh air, and getting sunshine should be part of every day. Today, I’ll give you tips on How to Boost Health with Walking!

Walking has always been a great way to take in nature. No matter what your activity level, nearly everyone can go for a walk.

However, if you really want to boost health with walking…I’ll give you a few tips.

Make your walk really matter!

Plan on clearing your mind, thinking happy and powerful thoughts, and getting in a beneficial workout too!

You can get a super-boost to your calorie burn from sitting. In addition to calorie burn, you can strengthen muscles at the same time.

Most of us are not used to sitting for long periods of time. Working from home makes our backs hurt and our muscles tight.

Of course, you will still practice safety and social distancing. However, you’ll come home ready to get back to work, or at least feel invigorated!

Whether you live in a subdivision, or in the mountains…get outside and feel ALIVE!

Here are a few tips to get bigger benefits mentally and physically on your walk!

*Pick a new place to walk. – Don’t just go around the block. Take a new route in your neighborhood and check out homes you’ve never noticed while driving.

*Find a local park with trails – Be sure to have proper footwear, and watch the placement of your feet. Unstable ground makes you use more muscles and helps alleviate tightness in your lower body.

*Want to REALLY torch some calories? – Add in walking lunges. Run a block then walk a block. Or, pump your arms and squeeze your rear end with every step. This will get your blood pumping and your heart rate up!

*Take a pair of 2 pound dumbbells on your walk – Or, use 2 cans of canned goods! As you walk, pump your arms, do bicep curls, or overhead alternating presses. Who cares what the neighbors think! You will actually most likely get some smiling nods!

*Stop in a local park, and get in a good bodyweight workout. About half way through your workout, go to a local park. Or, you can do this when you get home! Add in 10 bodyweight squats, then follow up with 10 bench or counter push ups. Follow up with 10 mock rows. Reach forward with arms extended…and pull fists back towards your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades behind you while opening up your chest.

These are all tips on How to Boost Health with Walking. We may not be able to go to the gym. And, we are mentally sad from spending so much time sedentary. I urge you to get as much out of a walk as possible.

Right now, it’s up to YOU to be strong, mentally and physically.

As a fitness professional that own’s a gym, I have also created digital products with follow along workout videos. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY PROGRAM. It’s geared towards women that have little time, and feel tired and flabby. However, men can benefit from the workouts too! No gym required!

Be safe and well, and stay optimistic.

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