Boost Your Metabolism by Working Out

Posted: January 11, 2022

If you’re female and over 40, you’ve most likely tried to diet the weight off. Of course, you may have lost some weight, but then it “found you” again shortly after right? I’ve been coaching women for 25+ years, and I’ll show you how to Boost Your Metabolism by Working Out.

No, this does not mean you have to spend hours in a gym or lift heavy weights. And, you don’t have to do hours of cardio or hire a trainer.

Studies have proven that even 10 minutes of exercise daily, can bring on benefits that last.

I used to count calories, live on a treadmill, and ended up miserable. I’ll bet you have spent hours in gyms doing cardio, sweating hard, and still feel that you are flabby, and aging fast. So did I.

Getting a firmer body will never happen if you diet and do cardio alone. In fact, that combo is what is responsible for so many depressed women, that feel they should just give up.

With extreme calorie-cutting and too much cardio, what you’ll actually end up doing, is wasting away the one tissue that is responsible for a faster metabolic rate.

Click here to see my picture of what I look like well over 55 in my bikini. No photo shopping, no filter, and no strict dieting for this girl.

Years ago, we used to think that more exercise and less food would give us the body we desired. Now, after decades of mistakes, I coach women to eat for energy, to exercise using methods that shift how fast they burn calories…and help them see results.

It’s amazing how many women still think that cardio is the answer. Even though they would never step on a beach in a bikini without a cover-up…they can’t seem to break the monotony.

My goal years ago was to come up with a program that women could do at home no matter how busy they were.

There is a secret to what works, that I won’t keep from you!

It has to do with a sequence of movement patterns in a certain order that will shift how your body will boost your metabolism by working out in this manner.

Want to stop starving, stop working out for hours, or feeling like your youth is behind you?

Make this the year that your body seems to start aging backward with a program designed for women, by a woman.


Your friend and coach,


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