Brain and Energy Boosting Foods

Posted: February 27, 2020

Without brain power, we cannot thrive. When we have a brain that is fed nutrients that keep it strong and functional, the rest of our bodies systems follow. Brain and energy-boosting foods are key to a long and strong life.

Our society is moving, looking and feeling terrible. If you look around you, you see obesity, depression, and people in line for medications to “keep them well.” What a farce!

As we age, our hormones dictate what happens with our bodies. From insulin to leptin, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones and more…

If we do not feed our bodies what they need to thrive, our brains will not be able to give the “orders” for each system to follow.

If you think that food doesn’t matter when it comes to brain power, you are living in the dark. Or in denial.

Nutrient-dense foods are the key to wellness. I never have followed a diet with a name because there isn’t a “Dawn Diet!”.

We eat delicious foods with SUPER POWERS that keep us lean, full and vital in our home. You can access my recipes here!

Most diets these days omit entire food groups. If you are on one of the trendier diets right now…you could be missing key nutrients.

Binging, being “hangry”, emotional eating, starving, headaches. All of those go along with being deficient in certain food groups.

Exercising is great, but simply not enough to prepare us for the future.

We need protein to ward off muscle depletion. Healthy fats keep our skin looking young, our body temperature regulated, and our joints lubricated. Carbohydrates are sources of energy for brain, body and vitality.

Selection of healthy food on white background. Healthy diet foods for heart, cholesterol and diabetes.

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