Break Through Your Excuses and Take Charge of Your Life!

Posted: February 8, 2015

If you are happy with your body, lean and energized and love the way you look, click off of this right now. 

If you are not looking forward to the future due to chronic pain, issues with weight, impending diseases and lack of money, you really should keep reading this.
You have choices. We live in a country that gives us the option to sleep, eat, drink, and exercise whenever we want. We have options for jobs, insurance, groceries within blocks and the television and internet to give us information on how to get and stay healthy. Yeah but unfortunately I understand why people are SO overwhelmed. The T.V. and the media bombard us with lies and pill, diets and ideas that are downright B.S. 
Either way, we are smart enough now to know that we can trick out gene pool and not go down the path of ruining our health, even if everyone in our family is obese or died of heart disease.
We are the heaviest, most medicated and live the longest in history. But is living in a nursing home or even your own home on 7 medications living? 
If you are not doing something to prevent illness and obesity, you will be one of those people that cannot take care of themselves later on in life. Maybe later on will be in your 60’s and you will still live to be 80. It is quite probable these days with the technology that is available to us in the medical world.
I urge you to be well. Take charge of your body today. If you are not involved in a strength training program and you are over 30, AND eating poorly, you WILL end up putting on fat every year and you are in a state of decline.
Exercise and a nutrient dense diet is the sure way to keep the doctor away and live a long and strong life. If you don’t know where to start. I have an easy to follow, plan of energizing your body and losing weight with short home workouts and plans for meals that can last a lifetime. A healthy and long lifetime I might add. 
Click on this link >>>>I AM READY TO TAKE CHARGE OF MY HEALTH AND WEIGHT,  and free your body from what you don’t want to become so that you can create a lean and energized body that lives a vital life!
Sharing ways that anyone can get stronger, leaner and live happier, with the simple daily steps to do it!
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