Broken Metabolism?

Posted: October 17, 2016


I had a broken metabolism when I was in my late 20’s… I actually broke it myself. If you think that you have a thyroid issue, or can’t seem to lose weight, I will tell you how I broke my metabolism, and you can discover how I fixed it.

The truth is, that I was a junkie when I was younger. A cardio and aerobic junkie that is. I started noticing weight gain in my late 20’s, and my body started to feel old, so I did what all my friends did…I exercised more, and ate less.

I literally forced my body to have a broken metabolism. How? By skipping meals, eating diet foods, and running on the treadmill. I was obsessed with burning calories and the number on my scale.

All I did was gain more weight, and feel exhausted. Then I ended up with adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, and felt horrible.

(Sorry girls)…If you are doing only cardio to lose weight and get firmer, you are literally “running your rear ends off.” No woman wants a flatter saggier butt right?


The girls with the tight curves and lean muscles don’t get em from doing cardio….and, they certainly don’t get those killer firm and round buns and trim flat belly’s from Zumba.


Nope, not a single chiseled set of abs or those lean tight arms without any jiggle, come from cardio or eating lowfat foods.
If you have been too tired to get through the day, or have tried spinning, dieting and every method on TV, but are still gaining weight, exhausted and are ready to give up….

I created something that I want to share with you. Something that changed my body, my health issues, and my energy levels. (and I have a low thyroid disorder too!)

Discover how I cut down my exercise by 88% and went from exhausted and flabby at 30, to a lean, energized, firm and 50+ “frisky” girl…

exhuasted fat woman on cycle

…by working out for less than 10 Minutes per day…at home. (and coached hundreds of women to do the same!)
Access YOUR lean and energized, sexy body when you click here!

Your friend in fitness, a woman who cares, and one that is committed to your success!

Coach Dawn

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