Building Muscle after 40

Posted: November 29, 2020

As we age, we lose muscle mass. Muscle is what keeps our posture erect, prevents us from falling and helps us take care of ourselves as we age. Muscle building after 40 is imperative to prevent the downward spiral of aging and to help you feel, move and look younger!

Hormones cause a cascade of issues from storing fat, to reducing energy levels, to wrinkled skin. Sure we all age, but how fast we age, and what we do about it along the way is what counts.

You CAN take control of how your body ages and slow the aging process.

When we have less muscle, we have a slower metabolic rate and usually end of trying a new diet due to weight gain. In FINAL FAT MELTDOWN there are workouts that you do at home with follow-along videos, and a plan to keep your eating on track to boost energy.

I used to only do cardio, running and doing aerobics for hours daily. That was when I was at my heaviest, and my most miserable. You can see how flabby I was in my 30’s compared to what I look like now in THIS PICTURE.

If you only do cardio, you are actually causing your body to burn through precious muscle tissue. This is the tissue you need to stand up straight, prevent falling, and it’s what makes you look years younger because of how firm it is.

Women are more prone to muscle loss due to having less of it to begin with. By the age of 30, your muscles are already beginning to deteriorate, making you weaker by the decade.

When age-related muscle loss begins, it’s imperative to bring on functional strength training to prevent it from happening faster. Being able to care for yourself, and being able to live an active life is what we all crave!

A firm and toned body makes you look years younger than your age. And I don’t mean giant bulky ones either!

Building muscle after 40 can start with a program done at home where you slowly get stronger. Click here for access to a follow-along video program that I designed after coaching women only for 20+ years!

Our bodies are meant to adapt and have the power no matter our age if we go about a workout program in the right way.

In my program, the movement patterns use every muscle in your body in a workout that is done in 20 minutes! Every workout torches stored calories boosts metabolism and helps you get stronger, firmer and sexier!

Everyone has 20 minutes when it comes to lifelong health right?

If you build your largest muscles using the correct movement patterns, you will have a stronger core and back, firmer glutes and a flatter belly. This will also help your metabolic rate stay raised as bigger muscles, burn more calories!

These days, gyms are closed or some people fear going to them. That is not a good enough reason to get out of shape!

These follow along workouts are done in 20 minutes!

Sure, walking is great and yoga keeps your body limber and your mind calm. But strength training is the key to preventing age-related muscle loss that makes you look weaker and older.

Today is the best day to prepare for a vital and active future. One that your body is strong enough to care for itself, happy enough to look forward to tomorrow… and powerful enough to ward off disease.

Sharing ways for us to live longer and stronger!
Coach Dawn

p.s. As you’re sitting here reading this, your body is slowly aging. Today is the day to put the aging process on hold, take back control of your hormones and build a body that takes you through life!

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