Posted: August 4, 2011

If you know anything about fitness, then you should gear all of your hard work towards saving muscle, and torching fat! Too many people try to lose weight, and that’s exactly what they do. They end up being a “skinny, smaller” version of their out of shape self. This does nothing but stall the metabolism, and set you up for future weight gain…..in the form of fat!
So, here are 10 top tips to keep your metabolism cranked!

1. Eat a big breakfast. Lots of lean protein, some healthy carbs, and some good fats. It should be a minimum of 300 calories.
2. Put down the baby free weights, and pick up some weights that are a challenge. Do less reps, but more sets, with something that you can only lift for 4-6 reps. This will cause your muscles to grow. Remember, bigger muscles burn more calories.
3. Do you AM cardio on an empty stomach. Studies show that you burn more fat from your fat stores this way, and keep the workout short, but intense! Use intervals.
4. Change your caffeine to green tea. Research has shown it to have “belly fat” targeting properties! (not to mention cancer fighting properties)
5. Park far away from the door, whenever you park, and take stairs instead of elevators.
6. Eat 4-6 smaller meals each day. Each one should have some lean protein in it. Protein takes energy to burn up, creating a thermogenic effect.
7. Any portion of protein should be no bigger than a deck of cards, and carbs the size of a baseball. Portions DO count!
8. Come up with a strength training circuit that uses all muscle groups, do 5 exercises, with no rest, for 3 sets. Take a 2 minute break, repeat 3 times!
9. Add burpees, or jump squats to your workouts once a week. These are powerhouse fat burners!!

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