Busting through Weight Loss myths for women

Posted: November 15, 2019

Busting through weight loss myths for women is my full time job! With a thyroid disorder and being over 55, and in the fitness/nutrition industry…this has become my passion.

It seems like every year, there is a new named diet flooding the market and being followed by all of our friends. Do people lose weight on them? Of course. Any time you either cut out an entire food group, or make drastic changes to your diet…you will get results.

Cut out sugar. You’ll lose weight.

Ditch pasta, bread and rice? You’ll lose weight.

Add in dessert every night? You’ll put on a few pounds.

Now, add in soda pop or sweetened alcoholic drinks on vacation? You’ll gain a few inches.

The body is great at responding. However, the key to lasting weight loss is not in fads.


That is why busting through weight loss myths for women, is my full time job!

In order to lose weight, stay energized AND keep the weight off, you have to start with habits.

Ditching a bad habit daily and replacing it with a good one is a great start. Daily habits lead to weekly habits that lead to a lifestyle of what to do, and better yet…what NOT to do!

Adding in a bit of movement and activity is also imperative to kickstarting women’s metabolic rate, but not by doing cardio only. Cardio only exercise depletes and burns through the only thing that keeps your metabolism on high…and that is muscle.

Want to stop making mistakes, and get in on how to break through all platueas while feeling energized and getting lean? Want to do this without following a fad that cuts out your favorite foods or having to exercise for hours?

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