Calm Corona Fears with Meditation

Posted: April 12, 2020

You’ve probably gotten a million messages from people and companies about the corona pandemic. Well TODAY, I wanted to share with you a different kind of message. CLICK HERE TO CALM CORONA VIRUS WITH MEDITATION.

The fear and anxiety now is larger than ever. If you are a parent you fear for your children. And, if you live alone, you may be feeling scared and lonely.

None of us know what is the right way to deal with this. However, I have something uplifting that will calm Corona Fears with Meditation in the form of short audio tapes.

It’s a message that offers some hope in this time of uncertainty.

A message that shares insight into what WE and other people ‘in the know’ are actually doing.

Anxiety and an inner voice that makes us more afraid is rampant. There are people that are immobilized with fear, unable to function.

This is a time in our lives that we will never forget. I urge you to make the best of this time, and find a way to find peace.

Peace is a state where fears dissolve and empowerment triumphs.


We will come out of this either stronger, or weak and frail.

Please be one of the people that takes action on something that can help. When you decide to find a way to calm your fear, only then will you be able to make wiser decisions.

You don’t have to even have meditated or used audio calming before.

But this message helps people overcome fear of isolation. It also helps to dissolve panic, manage health worries, and even become stronger during the “crisis.”

Click on this link and find a way to calm your inner fears so that you can feel in control.

With love and peaceful thoughts for you and yours,

P.S. The world is freaking out and today. If you choose to calm your mind, you will discover why there is no need to fear. But how to live utterly free from horrible thoughts, no matter what is happening in the world.

Click here to find your positive energy within!

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