Cancer Causing Foods

Posted: February 27, 2017

Cancer. The single word that has affected more people than any word that I can think of. Instead of searching for answers on how to “treat” cancer…I believe that we should devote more time searching for Cancer Causing Foods so that we can PREVENT cancer.

We live in a society that is undernourished but overfed. Not only overfed, but fed with toxins and hormone disruptors that put our bodies in a constant state of “attack”. We are tired, sick, overweight and getting worse. Look around you. Or, maybe the truth is that when you look in the mirror, or in your kitchen…you know that you can be better.

In my 21 Day Ageless Energy Meal Plan…You are given a grocery list of foods, with recipes and a “calendar”style plan to help you get to your energized, slimmer and healthier body…as you rid your body of chemicals. Chemicals that cause harm, possibly cancer and make you look and feel horrible.

On the blog Positive Health and Wellness, there are ways that we can get rid of Cancer Causing Foods, and add in energizing, healthy, and tasty foods that sustain our bodies so that we can live long and strong.

Click on the green link to know what to get rid of and why.

Click on the blue link to take your life and health into a vital and energized direction!

I urge you to honor the body you live in. Nourish it so that you can enjoy a vital and long life, free from disease.

Click on the links above and make the right choice. OUT with the Cancer causing foods, and in with the 21 Day Ageless Energizing Meal Plan.

Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health,

Coach Dawn

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