Cardio or Weights. Which one Should you do First?

Posted: November 19, 2014

Hello Fitness Fanatics!
If you are like me, (and I know you are since you are reading this…) you probably have wondered at one time or another…”which should I do first”…cardio, or weights?
There are many schools of though on this subject as there are with all things fitness related. What makes sense to me is that there will never be just one way to get the fittest. There are too many factors to think about. However, since the most common goal is overall better fitness, fat loss, and feeling good, I will give you some info on that. 
Now, if you are training for mass and size, you will most likely not be doing cardio. You are trying to keep every bit of your hard earned muscle tissue. You will be eating a ton of protein and carbs, but that is a subject for another e-mail, so I won’t go into that!
If you are training for an event…a Tough Mudder, a GoRuck, a Marathon or something like that….that is also another e-mail..or, see past posts on the subject. Sure you can do this kind of workout below, but you also obviously have to train doing what your event involves….see other posts.
Now back to the main topic of which to do first for an average person that wants to get leaner, fitter, have more endurance and feel great….mix the 2 together. Cardio and Weights.
Studies have shown (and I have read hundreds, maybe more) that when you workout in either an interval fashion with weights, in circuits and with timers….you get the best of all mentioned, fat loss, and endurance.
Now for an even better outcome that burns calories for up to 48 hours after a workout session?
Do your cardio in between your weight lifting in the same session.
Here is a great example of a workout I did yesterday!
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Bodyweight Squats
10 Push Ups
rest 30 seconds minute
Jump Rope for 2 minutes
rest 1 minute
Barbell Squats
Barbell Deadlifts
rest 1 minute
Run to fence in back of gym
rest 30 seconds 
Chest Press
Push Ups
rest 30 seconds 
Jump rope for 2:00 minutes
rest for 1 minute
Chin Ups
Standing Rope Rows
rest 30 seconds
Run to Fence
rest 1 minute
Repeat 1 X
This workout is done with minimal rest. The entire workout takes about 35 minutes and will leave you spent and sweaty. Workouts like this can be done 2-3 times weekly. The cardio is in between the lifting. The lifting is done in a moderate pace with moderate weights that can be lifted 6-8 times. This entire workout can be repeated 2 times for maximum calorie burn that keeps on burning long after the workout is done!
Research shows that this is the most efficient way to get lean, build up your endurance and feel great about yourself!! Endorphins here we come!
This is my favorite way to work out ever!! 
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