Posted: April 24, 2012

We all have an inner voice. Our inner script can say, “I WILL”…..or it can say,  ” I CAN’T”. Our inner script can be something that can be empowering, or
demeaning. What does your inner voice say? Does it say “I’m too tired….” as you are walking into the gym? Or does it say “I am strong, and will have a great workout today”? Do you make an excuse in your mind as to why “just one more time”, are going to eat a bag of chips, or a few cookies”, or 
does your inner voice say “I am in control, and it feels great to say no”? 
These are all choices.
Maybe they take practice, but nonetheless, they are choices. We have the 
power to change our thoughts. We can go with a negative thought, and let it spiral into anger, and self doubt. Or we can stop, change our thought pattern and make a calm choice that makes us feel great about ourselves.
Think about the last time you doubted yourself. It doesn’t feel good, and most of the time it isn’t warranted. Most of the time, we projected an  outcome that didn’t even happen. What if you could walk into each situation, and control the outcome? Now obviously there are things in life that we cannot control. BUT, are you making excuses for the ones you can? Think about it. “I will pack a healthy lunch for tomorrow.” I will take a multi-vitamin with dinner every night” “I will do 20 minutes of cardio today on the treadmill”, I will cook a healthy dinner, and have fruit for dessert”, “I will do 4 lower body exercises, followed by 4 upper body exercises”. These are all words that when said often, and said before an event, MAKE THE CHANCES OF THEM HAPPENING HUGE!

If you start each sentence with “I might”, or “I hope I can”, or worse “I doubt I can”……then guess what….YOU MOST LIKELY WON’T!! I WILL is a very empowering statement. It holds you accountable to yourself. If said regularly, and said often…..IT WORKS. Please put all of your self bashing, and self doubt aside. This is Spring, and Spring is the time for renewal.

Start TODAY. I know that if you start practicing this, it will become 

the way you see yourself. STRONG, EMPOWERED, COMMITTED!!

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