Change Your Shape

Posted: November 16, 2019

In the fitness industry it is said that your body is created by 75% Diet and 25% hard work. In order to change your shape, you have to change your plan.

I DO agree with that as far as health, energy, weight loss or gain, and how you feel.

However. Let me give you the facts on why exercise is the best way to change not only your shape, BUT your body’s composition. What I mean by that is how much fat and how much muscle you carry.

If you cut calories and do cardio, you will only burn through precious muscle tissue, and you might lose weight but it will not be fat.

The reality of that is that you will become a smaller, fatter person with a slower metabolism.

Making it harder to keep the weight off since your body will burn calories slower that if you were to have more muscle on your frame. Furthermore, the minute you are done exercising, you are done burning calories.

Now, if you forego cardio and eat a little extra protein and never skip meals you’re on the right path. Then if you spend between 7 and 30 minutes doing intense bodyweight exercises, you’re even better.

Now, add in a set of dumbbells, or a kettlebell or a jumprope 3-4 X weekly…the following cycle will happen to your body.

(Yes, every body. Every age. Beginner to advanced. This is how the body works.)

You will burn more calories even while at rest.

Your muscles take up less room so your clothes will fit differently within the first couple of weeks.

Since you are only working out in short bursts, you will spend less time wasted working out with things that give zero results.

You’ll create the sculpted, firm and youthful look that you admire on much younger people. You’ll literally change your shape!

Your libido will be higher since you’ll be releasing endorphins that raise your “drive” and give you more sex appeal.

You will sleep better.

Pounding joints in the same direction, weakening your body as you age will not be what will happen. In fact you will be preparing your body to feel and look and act younger with ever pound of lean muscle tissue that you add.

Weight loss will be automatic since you will have turned your body into a fat burning machine VS. a fat STORING machine!

So I ask you.Which one is better when it comes to creating the body that you’d love to see when you look at your reflection?

For a plan that gives you follow along videos that sculpt lean and sexy muscle so that you can never have to try a quick diet fad or run on a treadmill for hours..


Your friend and coach,

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