Chia Seeds…A Great Addition to Your Fat Loss and Nutrition Plan

Posted: August 9, 2013

Chia Seeds are one of the top seeds for versatility, fat loss, and optimal nutrition. These tiny seeds are plant based, and a nutritional powerhouse. They are grown in Guatemala and Mexico, and you will be amazed at the uses and the benefits of something so simple!

Ground Chia Seeds are considered an insoluble fiber. This type of fiber helps to pass foods through the body faster.

Chia Seeds are a fat and weight loss staple as they help you feel full as they swell up when in contact with liquids.

Chia Seeds slow down how quickly carbohydrates are converted, which prevents sugar spikes.

Chia Seeds have a high level of healthy fats. They are loaded with Omega 3’s.

Chia Seeds are plant based, so they are a great addition for even a vegetarian.

Chia Seeds are are loaded with amino acids

Chia Seeds can be added to many foods, making them very versatile.

My favorite way to use Chia Seeds is in smoothies. I add 2 T. to every smoothie I drink. Since Chia Seeds absorb liquid, if you add them to a smoothie, drink it soon, or it will form a thin gel and will need to be shaken or blended again. I also use Chia Seeds in cooking and as a topping.

Add 4 T. to pancake batter

Add 4 T. to meatloaf and meatballs or burgers

Sprinkle on top of Greek Yogurt

Sprinkle on top of salads and pastas

Chia Seeds are one of many ways to add powerful nutrition into your life. A simple seed can make your diet more interesting, more nutritious and keep you strong!

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