Posted: October 27, 2011

Without clean eating, we have no energy. Without clean eating, we have illness, and a propensity towards laziness, and depression. If you live in a place without sunshine regularly, you can add to this problem. Once again, this is something you can change, not the weather, but what you do with your time. No-one can do it for you. This is something in your control. You have to make a plan, and once you make the plan, you have to follow through. You have to make a commitment to yourself.

Take baby steps. Start with a grocery list. In Tosca Reno’s books, The Eat Clean Diet, she gives easy to follow grocery lists, and  recipes for clean eating meals, from shakes, to dinners.

Next, join a gym. Join a class, or bootcamp, or hire a personal trainer that will understand your needs, and help you reach your goals. Meet with the trainer, or go to the gym for a personal consultation, and discuss your short term, and long term goals. See that you have a right “fit” with this person, or class. Remember, you need help, this is why you hire someone that has the knowledge that you don’t, right? You need someone to guide you in the most sensible, realistic way, that brings you results.

Now commit. Simple. Take your life, and your health seriously. Don’t let another year slip away. Do this now for yourself.

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