Commonly Asked Questions about Exercise

Posted: February 16, 2020

This is the “sequel” post to the “Most Commonly Asked Questions I get about Nutrition”. Today is the Most commonly asked questions about exercise.
(You can look for that in the previous posts, and get my answers if you missed it!)

I am always concerned when I am having a conversation with someone over 30, and they either don’t exercise at all…or only do cardio or yoga.
Now, don’t get me wrong!

Those are great, and I applaud you for moving your body!

However, from the Wall Street Journal to the National Library of Medicine, articles and studies on strength training have been proven to be the ultimate “MUST” for all everyone as we age.

So, I will get to the topic and keep it simple as I did in the Nutrition email.
I will ask the most commonly asked questions I get about exercise…and give my answers!

1. What do I need to do more of? Cardio or weight lifting?
Simply put. Cardio depletes necessary muscle tissue as we age. It pounds joints and creates excess wear and tear on the heart, lungs, bones, tendons and ligaments if done to excess.

Unfortunately, most people that are “die-hard” cardio maniacs, don’t strength train for fear of being slower or putting on too much bulk.
Some cardio is great and can be implemented into weight training using circuits as in boot camps, and group classes.

Or, even with personal training as I do with my clients and parents in our gym.
Functional strength training prepares your body for aging.

It creates balance and better posture. It creates strength and the ability to push, pull, bend, lift, squat and press your own body weight or an object WITHOUT injury. 

Or, you can even rehabilitate an old injury with it.It gives you the ability later on in life to care for yourself!

2. How many times should I work out per week to make a difference?
If you already have a strong foundation, you can strength train 2 times weekly and keep great benefits.

Then on the “non-lifting days” you can add in yoga, or some cardio.

If you want to add more muscle, or to tone and trim your fat stores, and really make a difference in how you look, feel and move? Then 3-4 times weekly is the key!
It isn’t necessarily how many times, but what the quality of the exercises you are doing that is the key. 

See below for the best and most efficient exercises to add to a LIFESTYLE that will create the best you for the long haul!

3. What are the most beneficial exercises?
When you do exercises that use your largest muscles while NOT on a machine will give you the most bang-for-the-buck!

Perform Squatting and deadlifting moves. These are great for strong and sculpted buns, and legs.

For the upper body, be sure to use pressing motions that are great for chest and shoulders.

Add in exercises like push-ups, and shoulder presses target a chest that spends too much time leaning forward on phones and computers.

Never forget pulling moves as in rowing, pull ups and exercise band work that has you pulling your elbows behind you will keep your posture erect.

Unfortunately, nearly all jobs and movements have our elbows, hands and arms in front of our bodies. This creates a weaker chest and an elongated neck and forward head posture that puts a strain on upper back muscles and causes headaches and back pain.

Right now…sit or stand up straight.

Expand your rib cage and pull your shoulders back. Breathe in DEEPLY and SLOWLY and squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for a count of 5. Exhale slowly and repeat.

Do this 3-5 X daily when sitting for long periods of time for a stronger upper body and less neck and back pain.

4. I don’t want to get too bulky. Can I lift weights and only tone?
The definition of tone is how taught or firm your muscles are when NOT contracted. 
If you are female, you don’t have the amount of testosterone that men have to create big or bulky muscles. Besides, firm muscles are sexy!

Muscles are what keep your belly firm and flat, your buns perky and high. Not to mentions your entire body looking and feeling powerful, confident and youthful.

They are also what will raise your metabolic system and keep your body torching calories.

Lifting a light weight over and over will not produce results.

Lifting a heavier weight with between 5-8 reps however, when done over time using sets is the key.A set is as in 3-5 sets of 5-8 reps (repetitions of the lift)  will create a strong body that takes you through life and has you looking great!


Make a plan that is the best investment you’ll ever make. Plan on getting stronger. No strong person EVER regretted being able to move well with ease!

Whether you hire a trainer…do a class…or buy an online product of mine…PLAN TO ADD LEAN AND SEXY, YOUTHFUL AND STRONG MUSCLE TO YOUR BODY STARTING TODAY!

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