Confused about eating fats?

Posted: July 9, 2018

Are you still confused about eating fats? Are you even sure if eating healthy fats is good?
Or, are you still stuck in the old mindset from years and years ago that has your brain in “lockdown” and you just can’t buy into that fats are SUPER healthy?
I know. It took me a while as well, and I want to not only clear up a few basics, but give you access to another mind blower…THE REAL SKINNY ON FAT summit that will have over 40 experts in this Nobel Prize Winning series that you MUST not miss!

First of all, I want to talk about the biggest mistake I see dieters and people make that want more energy, but seem to poop out in the beginning stages of a diet plan. It all has to do with the confusion around eating fats.
Most people know that cutting carbs is great. Unfortunately since most peoples main amount of calories comes from processed carbohydrates, the minute they cut them out, and don’t replace them with fats…they are starving, and the diet plan fails.
It isn’t your fault! You have been brainwashed to think that fats are bad.
So instead of replacing those crappy waistline expanding carbs, with satisfying fats…you eat so little calories, that you cannot lose weight… let alone, your health is not getting better.
Eating healthy fats is key.
Regulate brain power
Regulate hormonal balance
Keep you full
Help the body to burn fats for energy
Regulate blood sugar and keep you from binging
Get burned instead of stored
I urge you to educate yourself. What you eat has EVERYTHING to do with how you feel, how you move, how you look, AND…how long you will live.
Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love for life!
Coach Dawn
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