Covid-19 Superfood

Posted: April 1, 2020

The world is a scary place right now. Many of us have tried to keep our pantry’s stocked with emergency foods. Certain foods will keep us strong and vital, with a stellar immune system. This is my family’s Covid-19 Superfood!

We have no idea how long this virus will affect our lives. As a gym owner, I have sent many emails about SUPERFOODS.

Superfoods are foods that have a multitude of benefits. They should be consumed for immune-boosting purposes. Of course, the need to keep your body vital, and to keep you full. And, tasting great helps as well!


It’s something that tastes great. It also has a 2 year shelf life, because frankly, you don’t know how long we’ll have to hunker down. And, it easily mixes with water and will prevent muscle wasting while you’re stuck indoors.

My family knows the importance of stellar nutrition 365 days of the year. I make it a point to educate my family and help them make wise decisions when it comes to nutrition, workouts and supplements.

Stay positive, and keep your body strong!

Unfortunately, although I am a huge believer in real food, and tons of veggies…it’s hard to keep enough on hand now.

We made sure that our basement pantry, was stocked with what I call a Covid-19 SUPERFOOD . We never know if we’ll be able to shop again, or what we will need to survive.

Keep your body moving. Keep the television off or just check it every morning or at night.

Right now, survival and staying well is the key for all of us.

I urge you to stay home and to only get outdoors to get some fresh air. Order online when possible and keep a positive outlook.

Also, make sure to keep your body moving and do bodyweight exercises indoors. Set a timer so you don’t sit for too long if working from home!

Listen to upbeat music, and call friends and family using Zoom or Facetime. They really miss you now!

It’s time to call those friends you’ve lost touch with..and tell them you love them!

Now is the time to let people know you love them, and care. We are all in this together. Much love, Coach Dawn

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