Critical Protein for Corona Virus

Posted: March 27, 2020

It’s a scary time. Maybe we wish we had taken better care of our bodies before this…but NOW is the time to take this critical protein for corona virus.

We can’t afford to lose any muscle right now. We must get and stay strong with exercise, and nutrition. CLICK HERE TO BOOST IMMUNITY!

It’s always been important to strength train. However, now as we see people getting weaker, and sicker…NOW is the time to get moving.

Even if you cannot get outside…you CAN get strong inside. Do bodyweight moves. Do planks, pushing moves and pulling moves. Do squats onto a chair and step ups onto a bench.

Never stop moving your muscles. Get your heart rate up, your lungs invigorated, and keep your blood flowing!

Besides the movement our bodies crave, we need Critical Protein for Corona Virus protection!

Not all proteins are easily digested, or absorbed!

This particular protein is necessary for immunity, strength, preventing muscle wasting, and overall wellness.

It’s never been more important that you take your health as the primary concern in your life.

Even when this virus settles down, you’ll still need ways to PREVENT weakness and illness.

Stay close to family. Stay inside, and let’s all do what we can to make it through this together.

Much love!

Coach Dawn

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