Curcumins – Benefits for Healing

Posted: June 1, 2018

Since ancient times, curcumin has been used to heal the body with a gift from Mother Nature. This plant has been studied in the last decade in more than 300 research papers and over 4000 documents for its benefits in battlingĀ Cancer. (1) Today I will introduce you to Dr. Geo Espinosa and his blog about Curcumins benefits for prostate cancer.

Inflammation comes in many forms. From heart disease to being sore after exercise, these are only a couple of forms of inflammation. Breast cancer, digestive and bowel disorders, arthritis, and even the body’s response to a cut are all forms of inflammation.

If you are sore from a workout, don’t grab an ibuprofen. This is hard on the stomach and has side effects that are unfavorable. Nature provided plants, roots and an abundance of natural healers to ward off disease, calm inflammation, and keep us well without side effects.

Natural inflammatories can be found in fatty fish, ginger, and curcumin to name a few. These are also three of my favorites for warding off DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a tough day at the gym!

Our bodies are amazing machines. However, we are exposed to many factors that make our systems have to work overtime. Our livers and kidneys are being attacked daily with toxins and chemicals, pesticides and hormones.

These are found in air, soil, animals we eat, and household items as in plastics and skincare items. Curcumins benefits for healing combat these invaders and calms the fires that burn inside of our organs. Just because you feel fine now…does not mean that inflammation is not happening.

It can start out silent, then wear away at you for years.

What curcumin does is counteract the proinflammatory state that leads to age related issues and a breakdown of the body.(2)

Of course we cannot control all of our surroundings. However, if you use turmeric curcumin supplements you can get a headstart on warding off age related disease and maybe even Cancer.






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