Curing Alzheimer’s with Fats

Posted: July 18, 2018

Are you aware that carbohydrates contribute to everything from Diabetes, to Obesity to Alzheimer’s? And, that a high-fat diet can combat and even reverse some of the debilitating effects of these diseases? Curing Alzheimer’s with fats may be something you have not heard of…but I urge you to read on.

Your brain is starving from a young age. Unfortunately, we have been fed misinformation for years, and are suffering because of it.

If you or a loved one has been touched by cancer, dementia or Alzheimer’s, please watch this video.

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We are a society that is gaining weight while our brains and bodies are deteriorating…along with our lives. Our children are following our lead and it is a scary and dire situation. Curing Alzheimer’s has to start in youth!

When we have knowledge, we have power. When we make informed choices, we take away many risks that don’t have to be part of a lifetime of misery, nursing homes, caregivers, and fear.

If you know someone that is suffering, watch this short video on Curing Alzheimers with Fats and discover how to heal, and prevent a future of lost happiness.

We do have the power. Curing Alzheimer’s is just part of what we can take control of and save our futures.
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