Daily Tips to Boost Immunity

Posted: October 13, 2020

It’s never been more important to make your health a priority. Not just during the cold and flu season, and not because of Covid, but every single day. Daily tips to Boost Immunity should now be a focus for everyone!

Not only are these tips timely…they should be a part of your daily regimen and your LIFESTYLE.

* Invest in a humidifier.
Did you know that viruses live longer in dry air? So this winter, be sure to buy a humidifier. AARP states that the humidity should be at least 40% to reduce the risk of flu by about 33%!

* Get more than 5 hours of sleep every night. Actually, 7 is the magic number.Our body heals, repairs, and restores only when we get adequate sleep. Besides brain power, strength, and focus…deep sleep is where our immune system does its job to power up for the next day.

*Take a vitamin D Supplement.
In as little as 7 -10 minutes of PURE sunshine…our bodies produce about 1,000 IU’s of vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for many biological functions including immunity.
As we age, our bodies produce less of this vitamin that is directly related to our chances of getting sick and having respiratory issues.

Nearly everyone that I have ever talked to that had their blood levels checked was low. I live in Michigan and a sunny day is an amazing day. But most of us don’t get nearly enough to keep us vital, and strong.
D3 is the key supplement to look for.
* Stop smoking.
It cuts years off of your life, causes cancer, is aging and you NEED powerful lungs!
* Stop drinking or drink less and make it red wine.
*..and MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT…keep your body in motion.
There is nothing that will make you weaker than sitting on your butt and not using your lungs, heart, and muscles. A sedentary lifestyle without these is a fast track to living a life with a cane, a walker or in an assisted living home or worse!
If you are not moving your body, you are inviting disease, depression and an accelerated path to aging.

**Eat more nutrient-dense foods and less sugar.
A body that is nourished is primed to fend off bugs! Unfortunately, with busy lives, and food sources not being optimal…we still suffer. That’s when supplements come into play.

It’s nearly impossible to get everything you need from food, water and lifestyle.
This is when supplements take you to optimal levels. However, we’re not talking a “one a day” that gets flushed down the toilet! We’re talking whole food-derived, and tested supplements that have studies to show that they work!

Here are some of my top choices for what will keep you well after hearing my daily tips to boost immunity.

Since all supplements are not created equal, these are what I use, and companies that have been tested for purity and efficacy for keeping your body strong, vital and able to help you stay well during the cold and flu season.
Paleo Valley is a high standard, organic and trusted company with other supplements and treats you may be interested in in 2 of the links below. 
Their best-sellers are their food bars and jerky treats for kids! My son and husband LOVE the grass fed jerky and my husband drinks the Supergreens every morning in a glass of water. (I just put the scoop in my smoothies!)
JustThrive is a company that delivers a powerful form of a probiotic that keeps the body strong deep inside of the gut, where all good health begins!

*Paleo Valley Essential C Complex Free from fillers, NonGMO, organic and certified this Vitamin C is a powerful tool in your fight to stay well!
*Spore derived Probiotic – In order for your body to keep the good bacteria? We have to support them and ward off the bad. Build your fighting army of soldiers with a healthy gut lining with this Probiotic that I take daily!

**SUPERGREENS Organic Greens Drink to amp up immunity AND energy levels that tastes AMAZING? Check this out when you KNOW you’re falling short on cold and flu fighting veggies and fruits. One glass daily is all you need to power up your body and boost health!

Remember. When you think of boosting immunity, understand that it’s a lifestyle!

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