Detox for Energy and Weight Loss

Posted: September 5, 2020

We live in a toxic environment. Our soil, air, food and homes are filled with chemicals that invade our bodies. We lack energy and have gained weight. This is exactly why we need to detox for energy and weight loss so that we can feel vital again.

Danette May has been a force of health and happiness in the online world for years. She really has changed lives. After losses of her own and struggles, she has figured out what women are missing…and found ways to help them.

I have also been in the female coaching world for 20+ years. I know that women make the same mistakes over and over for the quest for a leaner and more youthful body.

Most of the time it involves counting calories…and more cardio.

We need to start with a detox for energy and weight loss to kickstart our metabolisms.

Next we need a change in how we think so that we KNOW that we can feel vital and young!


It’s time you love life and your body so that you can feel lighter and happier!

When you detox for energy and weight loss it’s like a powerful reset for your hormones and mind.

Instead of drinking horrible juices… or having nothing at all…you’ll get a 3 day program to success!

When all you have is a bit of excess bloat and feel a bit sluggish…a 3 Day Detox will do the trick!

This is also a “quickie” that will leave your belly flat, and your body energized before or after a vacation or special day!

You deserve to feel and look amazing. Life is too short to be bogged down by excess weight and feeling bad when you look in the mirror.

Let Danette’s program change your energy levels in 3 days starting today!

And…set your next week up for a flat and firm, youthful looking you!
Coach Dawn

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