Digestion, and Your Thyroid

Posted: December 6, 2017

Energy is what most women say they wish they had. My goal is to shed some light on Digestion, and Your Thyroid levels so that you can get off of the couch and live a vital life. busy lives, families, and jobs, women take on everything. According to the American Thyroid Association 60% of people with thyroid disorders, don’t even know they have them!

It’s amazing how one small gland can be in charge of so much. From heart rate to controlling body temperature, brain fog, and metabolic rate, the thyroid is a powerful part of your digestive system. It is also associated with issues due to leaky gut,

One of the most overlooked factors in the Thyroid “equation” is whether you are absorbing the foods you eat. First of all, what you are eating is the most important factor, and secondly, if your body is processing that food comes next.

If you have been experiencing loose stools or constipation. It could be your thyroid, If you have thinning eyebrows, hair loss, and could just lay down and nap a couple times a day, that could also be thyroid related.
Maybe you have even been tested, but your conventional doctor says “your numbers are normal”.

What exactly IS normal you might ask.

I struggled for years as did my mother before getting anyone to listen. Then it took me another 5 years to get that I had to change how I ate, how I exercised AND, how I looked at what I could control. Medication is not the only answer at all. A nutrient dense diet comes first, and then medication can help you optimize thyroid levels after that is addressed.

Digestive enzymes produced in the body help to break down foods. I never knew that my body did not produce enough of the right ones, even though I ate healthily. I didn’t know that I was deficient in B12 or magnesium, let alone that our gut is responsible for 80% of our immune health.

No wonder Hippocrates was so far ahead of his time. He must have known that we would sabotage our health¬†with “frankenfoods” that our body would never recognize EVEN before they were invented.

Some foods are fantastic and some are foods that will trigger your body to work against you if you have thyroid issues. Digestion and your thyroid go hand in hand.

For a comprehensive BLUEPRINT to understanding your thyroid, CLICK HERE so that you can get back to feeling, moving and looking like you did when you were young!

– Dawn



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