Ditch Your Worst Habits

Posted: October 31, 2019

Habits are a part of life. Today, I’ll coach you on how to ditch your worst habits so that you can live productively and with stellar health!

Whether you foster habits that keep you well, feeling and looking good, happy and calm…or, if you spend a lot of time thinking you’ve got to change. New habits can be formed, and bad habits can be broken.

A habit can be the things you say to yourself. Maybe you repeat over and over, “I’ll never lose weight.” Or, it can be that you wake up every morning and meditate for 5 minutes with deep breathing exercises, preparing you for the day.

It could be that you stop on the way home every night for a drink…or that you wake up early to exercise.  

Habits can make you and others around you miserable…or they can be the path to a long and healthy, successful and happy life!

I’m going to give you 5 habits that you should try to eliminate so that they don’t become something that takes you down an unhealthy path later.

When you ditch your worst habits, you become more mindful of creating better ones.



1. Eliminate sugary drinks. Whether it be a sugary morning coffee drink topped with whipped cream from the drive-through. Maybe it’s your soda with lunch or your mixers in your cocktails at night. DRINKING calories is useless and packs on the pounds.

Eat your calories. Or, at the very least, be mindful of just how many of yours comes from something you never think of counting.  

Sugary and high-calorie drinks when eliminated, could be the one thing that when you change, makes you feel great!

2. Holding grudges, anger or jealousy for a friend, family member or coworker. 

Everyone is different and reacts or responds to events on a personal level. All that matters is that you are trying to be your best, do your best, and honoring how others choose to live their lives. 

Stop talking about how someone else chooses to live THEIR life. 

You cannot control what others do, however, you can choose to not be affected by their negative words, or behavior.

Choose the high road and be the person that offers forgiveness and “the olive branch.” That is a powerful trait to have, and the inner calm you feel after will alter YOUR stress levels. 

3. Missing sleep WILL affect you on a mental and physical level. 

Plan for deep sleep and forget the idea that you will “catch up on it” later. Make your room a sleep sanctuary that is cool, comfortable and not meant for laptops, TVs, and tech devices. 

Everything from weight gain and cravings to illness and poor immune systems. In addition to lowered cognitive ability is the result of not getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

Prepare for bedtime with calming rituals that slow down breathing and your stress response. 

4. Ditch your addictions to things that will shorten your life, or make your life miserable.  

Drink too much? Still smoking? Vaping? Eating junk food or sweets every day?

These are all habits that will ruin relationships and your ability to succeed in business. They’ll invite obesity, Cancer, fatigue, financial stress, and make you feel poorly about yourself. If you think you have a problem, then you do.

If you have a problem that others have mentioned then get help. Self-help books…groups…online classes and counseling can and will get you to the place you wish you were that you cannot get to alone. 

5. STOP Procrastinating TODAY! 

Procrastinating will make you late at the least, and invite stress because you’re always in a hurry.

No successful person becomes a success without a plan. Winging it is what dreamers do. Doing it “Monday” or “tomorrow” or “later” is when all of the things you were supposed to do yesterday pile up.

Planning, putting it on paper or a calendar, and following through is what people do that get to higher levels in business, and even with personal relationships and self-fulfillment.

TODAY and NOW is what matters.  

Prioritize what has to be done and put it on paper. Some things can wait, but some things simply need and have to be done at a certain time.

Ask someone to help you to remain accountable so that you can actually get on a path to getting shit done when it needs to be done. And…that’s usually soon.

A sense of calm, a sense of control, and a knowledge that we CAN alter what happens next is a powerful feeling in life.

Take control of your habits, and replace the ones that cause stress and feeling poorly about yourself with habits that make you feel in charge of your life!

People always ask me how I “multi-task” 3 jobs, and a home, and have a fun social life as well.  

I Created a Blueprint so that you can get on track and live the life you wish was yours.

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