Drop a Pants Size this Month!

Posted: November 3, 2015

Eat more, weigh less. What a concept! You have been starving yourself and getting fatter, more miserable and more hormonal every year you’ve added another candle on your cake. Why? Because you have given up.

I understand why you have given up too. Because the media fills our heads with SO much information that it becomes nearly impossible to decipher what is truth and what is lies. And honestly, it is mostly B.S. Hey ladies…it isn’t your fault that you are too busy to really learn what works. 

I have been in the fitness world training women for 20+ years and getting results. AND, I used to be overweight, and used to do tons of cardio, and barely ate. Would you believe at my heaviest I did a 12 hour aerobics marathon and then didn’t want to eat “since I had burned off so many calories and didn’t want to get them back.” Boy was I being mislead about how our bodies work! I remember stepping on the scale two days later and weighing MORE! 

I now coach women into lives of happiness. Want to know why they are happy? Because they have dropped weight (and jeans sizes), are energized, are eating foods they love (and more of them) and NOT following a strict diet or spending hours doing cardio.

In fact, the women that have followed my blueprint to fat loss, have never felt better or leaner, and I get e-mails all the time with women sending me their results, and saying that they feel 10 years younger now. 

So girls, if you are sick of counting calories, and eating “diet” foods, and looking at the trim and firm, youthful woman eating a steak and drinking a glass of wine…


Your coach and friend,

p.s. With the holiday season upon us, you know you’ll end of gaining weight if you don’t take control now…access your plan to a smaller waistline HERE!

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