Easiest Way to Get the Right Amount of Protein Daily!

Posted: August 21, 2014

If you are one of the many that is struggling with what the easiest way to get the right amount of protein daily is…then you came to the right place.

We live in a “quick fix” world, and we want gratification now. Why else would people try a new fad every week to lose weight, or get fit. Even the most educated of us fall prey to the media, telling us about how to get fitter, faster. Faster is not better when it comes to weight loss. A quick fix that sounds too good to be true, IS too good to be true. The reason is that it is not going to last. What changes our bodies is sound nutrition mixed with strength training and cardio. Fitness authorities will all agree on that!

I consult people daily on nutrition, fat loss, strength gains, and how to make choices easy to fit into busy lifestyles. If a client hires me to consult about their diet, I ask them to keep a diary for 2 weeks of everything they eat and drink. I have not once seen anyone that even comes close to the amount of protein that they should eat. Whether they are working out hard, or have never worked out, people seem to have a hard time getting in enough protein. I advise people to get 1 gram of protein per lean pound of body weight daily, and more if they are trying to put on muscle and size.

The reason everyone has told me that they can’t get in enough protein, is that they either commute in the car daily, spend the day in meetings, or can’t prepare lunches often enough. Eating a chicken breast, tuna or lean beef is not always an option. Enter Smoothies!!

I have always been a fan of a travel cup, or shake with a delicious meal in it. Sometimes it is in place of a meal. Sometimes it is a pre or post workout smoothie, sometimes it is a snack. No matter how you blend it, it is a smoothie loaded with ingredients that  give you energy, and it helps you meet your daily requirement of protein. If you are building a lean and strong body, you don’t want to miss out on protein. Protein is the only nutrient that rebuilds and repairs muscle tissue.

In Smoothie Recipes for Optimal Health, I have listed over 45 smoothies that can literally be life changing.. Need more energy? I have a smoothie for that. Need a recovery drink after an intense hour at the gym? I have a smoothie for that. Need a quick breakfast to get you through til lunch? I have quite a few options for that as well.

Smoothie Recipes for Optimal Health  will change your energy levels, give your body the protein you need to build a great and lean body, and take the guess work out of exceptional health!

Searching and sharing ways for us to achieve supreme health and wellness, without fad diets!



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