Posted: September 13, 2012

I guess you could say, I am obsessed with how the body works……..or why it doesn’t. I have been on a quest for the last 20 years for the best information on anti-aging, aging with strength, and how to be fit and vital without ever using the word diet.
Lucky for my friends and family, this information is worthless, unless I share it. That is exactly what this Blog is about. It is about my promise to you, to deliver the most important information, so you don’t have to look for it! I have a store on my site (See Constant Energy Fitness Store on the right of this page) where I have hand picked every book, tool, DVD, and gadget to help you in your quest for optimal health. One stop shopping.

In Dr.Joel Fuhrman’s Book,“Eat to Live”he speaks of how the American diet is totally nutrient deficient.  By now, we all have heard of Dr. Oz. and are swapping stories of his findings about what we should and should not be eating. Dr. Oz says that the book Eat to Live”   is a medical breakthrough….

I am an avid reader. I am usually engrossed in between 3 and 5 books at a time. They range from Strength training topics, to Nutrition, healing with ancient herbs, to medical breakthroughs in Cancer. One stop shopping with a personal  recommendation, what could be easier, or more beneficial.

This book is backed by everyone from the Cleveland Clinic, to the National Health Association. This book is so important in teaching us how to ward off disease and obesity related diseases that it should be on everyone’s reading list that wants to age with vitality, and not medication. It should be read by every mom that wants to start their children’s path, with one that sees vegetables, and nutrient dense foods, as the main thing on the plate. If you want to limit, or get rid of medications that have horrible short and long term side effects, I urge you to read this book. This is your chance to change your life forever. Rid your body of depression, muscle and neurological problems, diabetes, and possibly cancer cells. The discoveries are shocking to some, not to me.

The biggest problem with everyone that I personally know that is battling weight, lethargy, and a host of ailments is that they are forever searching for the best “diet”. “Eat to Live” Is not a diet. It is a mind blowing book of information, from a  Dr. that started treating patients with heart disease. His findings showed when put on a nutrient dense plan of ridding the body of toxins, animal based proteins, and carbohydrate addictions, people were dropping so much weight, and getting rid of so many other problems, that he realized, he had to be on to something more than preventing heart disease. A doctor that has treated over 10,000 patients, with documentation to prove it, must be on to something. Check out, and sign up for his weekly newsletters on his site. This information will never get old, or useless, or be something to delete from your e-mails.

Obesity and heart disease are not a mystery to me. We are digging our graves with the choices we make, the horrible “food” we eat, and what we are depriving our bodies of. Our bodies are capable of great strength, wonderful vitality, and joy, if we feed it what it craves. See what you can change, and become!

I urge you to check out this book. Click on the names in blue, and order your life changing plan today!

Plan to live happily, with strength, and free from disease!

Hoping to share what I have learned with you, so we can all be vital!!


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