Eating fat to lose fat

Posted: January 8, 2019

Are you still not sure about adding MORE fats to your diet to lose weight? Were you raised in the times that I was, and followed all of the “low-fat” diets thinking that was eating healthy? I know that the idea of eating fat to lose fat seems too good to be true right?

Let me help you. I was confused up until recently too. Now I know that eating fat to lose fat makes sense!


After discovering the reason we were duped and mislead, and learning why fats are an essential part of a healthy diet

What happened was the boom of pre-packaged foods, and fake ingredients…right around the time when low-fat was huge.

We ate less fat but didn’t realize that more sugar and salt was added to foods to make them palatable. We also didn’t know that our brains, bodies and every system NEEDED fats to function properly.
That’s when disease became a common thing in most families lives.

The fats we missed out on were brain, mood and bodybuilding.
They were also the fats that kept us full and prevented binging.

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