Eating Nutrient Dense Foods, for Prevention and for Living!

Posted: January 11, 2014

Hello my followers that are committed to health!

It is the new year. Let’s start the year off with a little surprise. (well, at least it was to me!) Did you know that the number one concern of Americans when asked by a Forbes Magazine Survey was health? Not, wealth (interesting since it was Forbes Magazine eh?) but health. Obviously the top business people, the most educated, the inventors, the CEO’s, and the movers and shakers are on to what really matters. Health. Without it, all the money in the world, does not buy it. With that being said, I will talk about what I do know makes a difference. Prevention.

There are two people that I follow in the world of prevention, wellness, and nutrition. Dr. Mark Fuhrman of Eat to Live fame, and Dr. Mark Hyman  of The Blood Sugar Solution. I subscribe to both newsletters, and read nearly everything that they write. It makes sense. You don’t have to be a Doctor to understand these books, and they are not selling a fad diet. They are talking about taking charge of your health and wellness, for life. Now, you can choose to be a person that subscribes to the “sickness industry” or you can make changes in your life now that will surely change your life later by subscribing to the “wellness industry”.

Dr. Fuhrman was a practicing Cardiologist. He started having his patients follow a nutrient dense diet loaded with tons of fresh vegetables, and fruits to make their bodies cope with medications, extra weight, and digestive issues. The astonishing thing that happened was this. Every person lost weight, lost body fat, lowered meds, and started feeling better. Much better. So much better that he travels the world doing seminars, writing cookbooks, and counseling people on how to live longer, stronger, and  healthier lives. All while preventing heart disease, and possible surgery.

Why do we not do this first? Why do we wait until we are obese, on medications, and looking at painful years ahead with disease, painful joints, inflammation, and organs surrounded with fat? Does it not feel good immediately when we make healthy food choices and give our bodies what they really crave, AND need? That is my kind of immediate gratification!

Dr. Mark Hyman speaks of hidden sugars that literally change how our bodies produce insulin, age everything from our skin, to our hearts, to our organs, and creates addictions to…you got it, more sugar. Pre-diabetes is a condition that is growing. Look at the amount of obese children. Look at the size of the soft drinks we consume. I urge you to look into the future by looking around you. What are we eating, and where are we headed with our health practices now? We CAN take charge of our health, before it has a life threatening diagnosis. We can stop the excuses as to why we can’t eat healthy, (too expensive, no time, blah blah blah) and we CAN make positive health choices. Choices that not only affect how our body acts in an hour, but how it will act in 10, 20, or even 50 years. We have enough proof to never be able to say that “eating healthy does not make a difference”.

The question is this. How healthy do you want to be? How much energy do you want to have? How seriously do you take your body? Your life? Your well being, physical, and mental? If this is your child, do you want to wait to see if something happens with their health, or do you want to make their immune systems naturally strong as children?

I practice a wellness lifestyle. I want to prepare my body so that it can fend off viruses, and invaders that might hasten disease, make my body weak, and possibly shorten my life. I want to be strong, in physical strength, and internal strength. I know I might make some poor choices here and there, but they will be few, and I will not let them take charge of me. I am positive, educated, and I will not follow fads. I WILL be strong. My health is a gift that I give to myself.

These are words that you can say to yourself as well. The more you say them, the more you will start to believe, and then live by them.
Empower your body, your mind and your life.

Eat to Live!!


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